Ephesians: Who You Are in Christ

Contains 8 audio messages on CD.

Just who do you think you are?

How you see yourself determines how you live.

See yourself as worthless? Might as well do nothing worthwhile. See yourself as treasured? Go ahead. Invest yourself with joy.

See yourself as a sinner striving to be blessed? Prepare for an anxious heart.

See yourself as a saint, already blessed in Christ? Be confident and free.

Who are you? Only God knows. Only God can tell you who you are because He made you and He redeemed you. 

You’re…Forgiven. Sealed. Called. Alive, Seated with Christ. The dwelling place of God. An Heir. Rooted and grounded in love. Christ’s body. New. A child of light. The household of God. Armed for battle. 

Join Pastor Alan Wright for a thrilling journey through Ephesians and discover who you are in Christ! 

Message 1: You’re In Christ
Message 2: You’re Called in Hope
Message 3: You’re Alive in Christ
Message 4: You’re Seated with Christ
Message 5: You’re the Dwelling Place of God
Message 6: You’re Rooted and Grounded in Love
Message 7: You’re New
Message 8: You’re Armed for Battle



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