Zoweh Allies Gathering: Eastern NC

Zoweh Allies Gathering: Eastern NC

Zoweh Allies Gathering (ZAG) is a fellowship of hearts - churches, ministries and men in a localized region gathering together with the mission of rescuing hearts and advancing the kingdom by connecting men to the "boots on the ground" or men who are creating spaces for men for redemptive friendships and helping to identify new leaders and launch new groups in that region.  ZAG partners with established men's groups already focusing on creating redemptive brotherhood.

If you prefer to send a check, make your tax-deductible contribution to Zoweh Ministries and mail to:

PO Box 52441
Durham, NC 2771

All gifts received beyond $3500 will be used for other Zoweh Allies Initiatives.

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      For questions, please email Greg Sailors at greg@zoweh.org.

      (919) 355-8520
      3100 Tower Blvd Suite 950
      Durham, North Carolina 27707