Discover the power of 'Praying Backwards'!

“In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.” 

Like the closing credits of a movie, these familiar words signal that a prayer has come to an end. 

But what does it mean to offer our prayers in Jesus’ name? And if we knew what it really meant, how could our prayer lives be empowered? 

Praying Backwards is a book by Pastor Bryan Chapell that introduces you to the life-transforming process of beginning your prayers in Jesus’ name. 

And we want to send you a copy of this powerful prayer resource to say thank you for your gift to help more people live in the freedom and joy of God’s grace.

Praying Backwards includes the following helpful chapters:

  1. Praying in Jesus’ Name: In Jesus’ Name, Amen Begin

  2. Praying in Jesus’ Way: Not My Will but Yours

  3. Praying without Doubting: Trusting Our Father, the King

  4. Praying in the Spirit: Power Beyond Our Power

  5. Praying Boldly: As a Child of God

  6. Praying Expectantly: For All Things Always

  7. Praying Persistently: Never, Never Give Up

  8. Praying in God’s Will: Within the Fence of Righteousness

  9. Praying in God’s Wisdom: Within the Fence of Prudence

  10. Praying Forward: Paddle and Pray

Praying Backwards can help transform your prayer life, and bring your greater intimacy with the Father than you ever thought possible.

As J. I. Packer shared about this book,

“That we all need help in our praying is a Christian truism. In this intriguingly titled book, the wisdom of a wise, experienced, and theologically alert pastor-teacher offers help, much help, and nothing but help. Every reader will be grateful for what [Pastor] Chapell has written.”

Please request your copy of Praying Backwards below — and thank you for your generosity to share the freedom found in God’s unlimited grace!

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