Get Your Copy of Bryan Chapell’s, 365-Day Devotional, Daily Grace!

Get Your Copy of Bryan Chapell’s, 365-Day Devotional, Daily Grace!

It’s easy to get a negative “shot in the arm” every day from headlines, news stories, and global developments that are hopeless and discouraging.

Yet, God’s Word is the exact opposite. Full of encouragement, it has the power to improve your daily life, relationships and personal walk with the Lord!

Dr. Bryan Chapell’s brand new, hard-cover 365-day devotional, Daily Grace, offers you a daily message of hope! Designed to attune your heart and mind to the freedom that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ, your daily reading will encourage you and lift your spirits because of the assurance it provides.

You can spend each day connecting with God, as each daily devotional offers a scripture focus, Dr. Chapell’s biblical insight, and a prayer. 

Receive your copy of the Daily Grace devotional when you make your most generous gift of any amount to Unlimited Grace today.

Your gift today will help countless lives hear Dr. Chapell’s excellent Bible teaching on air! Every message he gives helps lead a listener to experience freedom from sin and find true joy—the kind that can only be found in God’s unlimited grace! 

Please request your copy of Daily Grace below — and thank you for your generosity to share the freedom found in God’s unlimited grace!

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