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In this balanced look at four major views of the end times, bestselling author Bryan Chapell explains the primary ways Christians have interpreted biblical prophecy about the last days, not so that we might pick a hill to die on but so that we can cling to what unites us in Christ. No matter what end times view we find most compelling, in God's plans we can find strength for today and hope for tomorrow.

Our world is shaking with news of wars, economic uncertainty, natural disasters, social unrest, and personal tragedies. Now many Christians are wondering, “Are these the end times?” The Bible answers with the certainties and comfort of God’s Word, and Pastor Bryan will help you understand our times in his new book, Are We Living in the Last Days? This careful look at the major views of end-times prophesies and the Book of Revelation is written to comfort our hearts and strengthen our faith. As fear and dread grip our world due to war in the land of Jesus’ birth, we need to understand the hope that should unite all Christians. Jesus promised us peace of heart in a troubled world and you can understand and anticipate that peace through the assurances of God’s Word in Pastor Bryan’s new bookAre We Living in the Last Days?

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          Here is a sample of one of our devotionals:

          We know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. (Rom. 8:28)

          This astounding promise of God can sometimes become the worst of Christian two-by-four clubs. Those insensitive to others’ pain, can insist it provide an instantaneous end to discouragement or grief:

          • “You have lost a job? Don’t worry. God will work it for good.”

          • “You have lost a spouse? Don’t grieve. He is in a better place.”

          • “You are in a crisis? Don’t fear. God’s got it all under control.”

          As true as the statements may be, such blunt bashing with God’s truth does not reflect the care of the apostle’s words. He never says all things “feel” good – or seem fair or right. He says that God will “work” all things together for good. There is a process in God’s plans that should allow us to work through grief, pain, and questions.

          Grace does not forbid our tears but gives us time to clear them from our eyes.

          We work through such difficulties with the assurance that God will never leave or forsake us, nor allow our circumstances to overwhelm his eternal plans. Such grace does not forbid our tears but gives us time to clear them from our eyes. In that space, we can look forward with faith in God’s hand and look backward to the cross for reassurance of his heart.

          Yes, everything in creation is being bent toward your eternal good by a sovereign God. That is a powerful truth – so powerful we should handle it with the care God intends.

          Prayer: Jesus, thank you for assurance that pain and grief undo your purposes. Help me understand how to share the truth of your sovereign hand with the tenderness of my Savior’s heart. May this Scripture and prayer strengthen you for the work of this day, remembering that it may not feel good or seem good, but is being used by God for an eternal good of his design. The sovereign hand of our God is never used apart from the tender heart of our Savior.

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