Jack W. Hayford Endowment

Jack W. Hayford Endowment

The Jack W. Hayford Endowment was established in 2019 to honor the incredible legacy of its' namesake. Click here to view the Evening at The King's event from October 2019 that celebrated Pastor Jack, and announced the launching of the Endowment. As a result of generous donors like you, the Jack W. Hayford Endowment has surpassed $2,100,000 and growing. The endowment provides strategic funding that will resource The King's Seminary in perpetuity. 

Purpose of the Jack W. Hayford Endowment


Pastor Jack Hayford was a bridge builder. He connected denominations, politicians, movie stars, and people of all backgrounds to the cross. He was an extraordinary influence in the kingdom of God, and the Jack Hayford Endowment will ensure that his legacy continues at The King’s University for generations to come. 


The Jack Hayford Endowment for The King’s Seminary will help meet the needs of pastors, Christian leaders, and those seeking a Spirit-empowered education. The principal of the endowment will never be spent. The interest from the endowment will be distributed to The King’s University to be used solely for The King’s Seminary within the University. 


The King’s University is founded on the principles of Pastor Jack Hayford’s life and teachings. Therefore, students that benefit from this endowment will represent the spectrum of TKU degree offerings. 



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