What if you could have joy no matter what you face?

What if you could have joy no matter what you face?

Joy isn’t something you can buy. But it’s something everybody wants.

The question is how do you have joy in the midst of work stress, health issues, family struggles, and your own self-doubt? How do you have joy when times are tough?

Discover how when you get the Seeds of Joy 365-day devotional. As you dive into God’s Word each day and are reminded of who you really are in Christ, you’ll begin to experience a life marked by the peace and joy found only in Jesus!

Seeds of Joy contains 366 daily devotions (leap year!), one for each day of the year 2020. You can use these devotions in a variety of ways:

  • Personal devotion each morning before getting out of bed
  • Shared devotion between a couple each night
  • Nightly family devotion for families with grade school kids or older
  • Gift to a friend who’s looking to “up their devotional game”
  • A group meditation before an important meeting to get the team centered on God’s Word

Seeds of Joy is our way to thank you for your support today to help others find joy in Jesus too.

Request your copy when you give below—and let the Holy Spirit grow seeds of joy in your heart every day!

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