A $350,000 Match DOUBLES your gift to help others like Floyd!

Because of you, people like Floyd are being set free to experience satisfied and joyful lives because they know that through Jesus they have full access to the glorious and powerful GOD. 

Floyd shares how the message of God's grace set him free:

"I am a very grateful, forgiven child of God, who has, by his grace, been set free from the grips of addiction. Two years ago, I was arrested for possession of and dealing drugs. I did 19 months in prison with God, and he completely transformed me and renewed my heart!

"I lost everything I had, to gain everything I needed . . . eternal life! And I thank and praise God for that. His amazing grace is all I need. He has carried me through times that I didn't deserve to be carried through. His plans for me are for good and not for disaster. God has my undivided attention. I hunger for his wisdowm and knowledge and hope to one day be able to use it along with my story to help others who are where I've been."

And right now, with the $350,000 Matching Grant, you can help transform even more lives like Floyd's!

Because your best gift today will be DOUBLED by the Match to see more people turn from what's temporary and empty to find real and lasting satisfaction in God's grace. 

But this matching opportunity expires December 31, so please don’t wait! It’s so important for us to reach our $1,000,000 goal so we can continue bringing Jesus into people’s lives.

We'll say thanks for your generous gift by sending you the book When in Doubt—to help you trust God in the middle of uncertainty and move forward in his will with confidence.

Request your copy when you give below, and thank you for your generous support! 


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