Your gift helps give God’s message of grace to more people like Anthony

Your support is truly powerful because you are giving God’s message of grace to people like Anthony.

He says:

“I really want to thank Time of Grace for helping me come back to my faith in Jesus Christ and strengthening my love for God. I find the video devotions to be a positive influence in my life that assure me of God’s love and his eternal forgiveness for me. I can’t start a day without Time of Grace.”

Anthony walked away from the Lord. But after discovering Time of Grace, Jesus drew him back in!

Here are ways your gift helps God’s Word spread throughout the world to people like Anthony in Time of Grace messages:

  • Time of Grace television program: A weekly 30-minute message from Pastor Mike Novotny, broadcast on 109 local television markets throughout the U.S. You can find this TV program on national broadcasts on cable/satellite. You can also watch any Time of Grace program on-demand on the Time of Grace YouTube channel.
  • Grace Talks daily video devotionals: Less than 10-minute video devotionals featuring a variety of speakers, with daily life applications. We distribute these worldwide via email and on social media: Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Podcasts: Download and listen to these audio-only versions while you’re working out, making breakfast, taking a walk, driving to work . . . wherever and whenever you can put on some headphones and hear God's Word. You can find these on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or however you listen to podcasts.
    • Time of Grace with Pastor Mike Novotny: audio from the weekly television program.
    • Grace Talks Daily Devotionals: audio from the daily video devotions.
  • Grace Moments written devotions: Short, impactful written devotions available daily via email or hosted on the website.
  • Blog posts: Longer written articles hosted on the website based on God’s Word to help people understand how God works through their daily lives.
  • Printed devotionals: These are compilations of daily devotionals available in print. You can use as morning personal devotions, as short small group devotions, or as daily family devotions.
  • Printed books: Written by a variety of authors on a variety of topics, you can use these books to help understand God’s will for your life even in difficult situations.
  • Social media: Thoughtfully crafted, visually compelling social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to help give you a quick boost of God’s Word to help you through the day.

Your generous support and partnership helps to connect people to God’s grace.

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