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One of the keys to understanding God’s Word and making his promises come alive is reading the Bible in context. When you get the context wrong, you miss out on the valuable truths God intends to share with you. Not only that, you miss out on the amazing richness of his love and plans for you revealed in the pages of his Word!

Learn how to make sense of Scripture and read the Bible with confidence when you get Pastor Mike Novotny and Dr. Bruce Becker’s interactive book, Out of Context: 8 Bible Passages Most Christians Get Wrong.

This valuable resource walks you through eight popular statements commonly taken out of context, such as “Do not judge” and “Money is a root of all kinds of evil.” As you discover what some of these passages really mean, you’ll learn to read God’s Word with confidence and apply his truths in your everyday life. This is a great book for personal or group study.

Out of Context is our thank-you for your gift below to help others learn of God’s promises for them. Get your copy when you give today. And thank you!

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