God moved heaven and earth to save you!

With so much depression, anxiety, anger, violence, and greed dominating the headlines, it’s easy to feel like God is distant, powerless, or just unconcerned.

But Christmas drives home this incredible truth—God is present, he loves you fiercely, and he moved powerfully in history to rescue you from this broken world.

Find out how God’s power and love are put on dazzling display this time of year in Prophecies and Fulfillment: God Is Still in Control by Dr. Bruce Becker.

This useful, insightful book includes charts, maps, timelines, visual genealogies, study questions, and opportunities to journal your reflections on the Bible verses and insights from the book.

Explore the amazing prophecies foretold and events God orchestrated to implement his plan to save the world through Christ . . . and find renewed strength this Christmas with the realization that God moved heaven and earth to save you.

Request your copy when you give today, and thank you for your generosity!


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