Your gift is worth TWICE as much with the $125,000 Challenge Grant!

Your gift today will be paired with a generous Challenge Grant so it goes even further to help tell others that God has the whole world in his hands and wants to draw us closer to him!

And when you give to take advantage of this opportunity, we’ll send you these two books as a thank-you!

What would happen if you took time to notice the God of unconditional love, immeasurable power, and perfect wisdom in your everyday life? That’s exactly the privilege he’s given you through prayer. And we want to help you hear God speak into your life by sending you the GOD Is Here prayer journal from Pastor Mike Novotny. Filled with encouraging devotions and engaging prayer prompts, this resource helps you build the habit of meaningful prayer and experience God’s power as you walk intimately with him through every trial and joy you face.

Everyone experiences pain. Physical, emotional, mental—pain is common to us all. But you can find joy and purpose in the midst of your pain. That’s the powerful message Jason Nelson brings you in his book Miserable Joy: Chronic Pain in My Christian Life. Whatever hurt you carry or whatever difficulties you’re facing, the struggle doesn’t have to define you or rule your life. Discover how to let go and let God comfort and guide you as you find purpose and joy in every circumstance. 

These two books combine for a powerful resource to help you invite God into every moment of your day and trust him to bring about joy and purpose through every circumstance you face—and they’re our gifts of thanks for your support today. So request your copies when you give below, and thank you for your generosity! 


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