Who am I? How much am I worth? Who gets to decide?

The story of the gender identity movement is really one that strikes at the core of every human’s longing to know who we really are. As Christians, it may be hard to relate to the outward expression of the transgender struggle, but we can certainly relate to that core longing—and the heartbreak that comes from placing our identity in things that cannot give us what only Jesus provides.

Pastor Matt Ewart’s book, Gender Identity, is a must-have for any believer who wants to reflect Christ lovingly in our confused culture. You’ll learn vital information on the current state of the gender identity movement—where it comes from, what it believes, and how you can engage in the topic with the same heart as Jesus. You’ll also take an honest look at God’s design and purpose for gender, as well as his design and purpose for the salvation of imperfect people. Through Jesus’ example, you’ll be equipped to move past the surface-level differences that divide us and connect with people in need on the shared human longing for value and purpose, ultimately leading them to the grace and truth only found in Jesus.

Gender Identity, along with its study questions and guidelines, is our way to thank you for your support today to help show others that they can find their value and purpose in Jesus.

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