Help even more people find peace and joy in Jesus!

Your gift will help more people find the hope and peace and lasting happiness they’re looking for in Jesus.

Your gift below is so critical right now because we live in a world that lies to us every day. It tells us that if we take control of life’s unexpected situations, we’ll get back to normal and feel better. It tells us that money will make us secure and happy.

But we quickly find out the whole thing is a sham when we either get what we want and our hearts still ache for something deeper or we lose what we think we need and realize how fragile our happiness really is.

There has to be something real and lasting—and that something is Jesus!

Jesus is forever. When people realize that because of his life, death, and resurrection they have access to the almighty GOD, it changes everything. No matter the situation, there is stability and joy to replace the lies and uncertainty.

So please give as generously as you can today to help more people find the hope and peace and lasting happiness they’re looking for in the One who made our hearts to be satisfied in him.

And as thanks for your donation today, we’ll send you a copy of the new women’s devotional, Crowned.

This collection of 180 devotions was written by women for women. The authors of these devotions are women like you, or the women in your life—homemakers, administrators, designers, teachers, gardeners, writers, life coaches, volunteers, accountants, actresses, managers, horticulturists, mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, daughters. This book contains devotions on a wide variety of topics including: purpose, busyness, worry, prayer, temptation, trust, renewal, stress, hope, thankfulness, and so much more. It also provides journal pages for prayers, worship reflections, and Bible study reflections, as well as a seasonal Bible reading plan.

We appreciate you!



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