Grasp the depth of what Jesus has done for you!

There’s so much truth, so much Jesus, and so much grace throughout the Bible. God’s Word invites you to slow down and meditate on his truth in order to really get what the Holy Spirit wants you to understand. And that’s what this Bible study book is all about.

Every Drop of Jesus: When You’re Thirsting for More is a deliberately unhurried journey through the gospel of John. It contains Bible readings, journal pages, insights from Pastor Mike Novotny, and further study questions to help you think deeply about the meaning of John’s simple yet profound words about our Savior Jesus Christ. It’s a journey that will take you deeper and draw you closer in ways you’ve been thirsting for as you grasp the depth of how much Jesus has done for you. 

Each aspect of our lives seems to be affected by the ongoing pandemic, including our worship. Many churches nationwide are unable to gather in person as a congregation. When you can’t meet with your Bible study or small group in person, we encourage you to use this book as a group resource as well as a personal study tool. Here’s how you might use it:

  1. Do a personal study yourself or use it with the members of your household.
  2. Agree on a section to study as a group—or just with a friend.
  3. Schedule a time with your small group (or one friend) to do a group call—or video conference, if you have the capability.
  4. Read the section and take notes on the portion you read.
  5. Take turns on the call sharing with each other what you learned and noticed about how this Word applies to your life.
  6. Agree on the next section you’ll read.
  7. Schedule the next call. Tomorrow? Next week, same time? Whatever works.
  8. Repeat until you can meet again in person. (Won’t that be wonderful?) 

Social distancing and quarantining don’t mean we need to be far from God! Use this time to grow closer to him by slowing down and taking in every drop of his Word.

Request your copy when you give today to help show others the real Jesus—and be strengthened in the knowledge that Jesus is your true and only Savior.

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