HEAR about how to experience God’s presence every day!

God invites you to look (and listen!) for him daily in his Word but also in the everyday things of life. He’s in the laughter of a friend, the glory of a sunrise, or even the delicious smell of cookies straight from the oven! Each is a special note from God, saying, “I am here, and I love you.” 

So open your eyes to God’s love, goodness, beauty, and joy . . . because it’s available and accessible right now through Jesus.

Hear about how to experience God’s presence each and every day in a hundred different encouraging ways with the audio version of Pastor Mike Novotny’s book, 3 Words That Will Change Your Life.

Our thanks for your best gift: The Audiobook version of 3 Words That Will Change Your Life

Pastor Mike reveals the key to happiness is available and accessible right now in the presence of God . . . because GOD is here!

Those three little words can change your life and help open your eyes to the many ways God speaks to you every day. When you see that God is glorious and right here, you can cast aside the cheap substitutes you’ve settled for and enjoy true life here and now.

Listen to this audiobook while you're taking a walk, driving to work, making breakfast, working out . . . wherever and whenever you can put on some headphones and hear Pastor Mike's insight into God's Word.

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