2023 Honor Roll Monthly Giving Program

2023 Honor Roll Monthly Giving Program

The Problem:

Arizona has one of the highest high school dropout rates in the United States. They rank 44th out of 50, with over 18,000 students dropping out annually. This has severe consequences for the students, their families, and their communities, resulting in reduced lifetime earnings, increased health and welfare costs, and increased crime rates.

The Solution:

Support My Club is committed to helping student clubs and teams address this issue by providing the outlets, resources, and activities needed for students to maintain a healthy physical, mental, and emotional environment. Providing equal access to extracurricular activities, regardless of socioeconomic status, is vital to keep students engaged in their studies. We can help Arizona reduce its dropout rate and improve its educational system by working together.

Your Impact:

It is through your contribution to Honor Roll that you assist us in fulfilling our mission to provide students from all socioeconomic backgrounds with the opportunities and resources they require to remain physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy; by giving them access to outlets, activities, and resources necessary to reach their educational goals and dreams. Participating in clubs and teams helps students stay engaged in classes and schoolwork by providing a well-rounded education inside and outside the classroom. This can help them feel empowered to achieve their educational goals and reach their full potential. With your support, we can continue expanding, enhancing, and onboarding schools across our state as we assess Arizona clubs' and teams' needs through Academics, Activities, Arts, and Athletics.  

It's because of donors like you that make our work possible.

On behalf of Support My Club, I invite you to join the Honor Roll, our monthly giving program; they are a treasured community of monthly donors supporting students on their path to graduation by engaging communities to fulfill the needs of school clubs and teams. By joining our Honor Roll program, you can extend the impact of your gift for years to come. Learn more about how you can strengthen your impact, and together, we can equalize the opportunity gap by ensuring students are appropriately equipped to participate, explore, and succeed in school clubs and teams.

Join us as we uphold our commitment to our community by joining Honor Roll today! 


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            Donating monthly to the Honor Roll can make a difference daily for schools and students throughout the valley. You're investing in students' skills and participation in school clubs and teams is a great way to ensure students can participate, explore, and excel. Your effort in equalizing opportunities helps create a life-changing effect. 

            Thank you for being so committed to grassroots and philanthropic projects that benefit communities as part of the Support My Club community. 

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