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For over 30 years, Empowered has emboldened educators to create more meaningful learning experiences for their students. Empowered’s customizable resources ― that help every student discover, develop, and apply their unique gifts and talents ― get results:

·   75% of Empowered Students agree that they are responsible for their own success in life.

·   73% of Empowered Students agree that if they want to reach goals, they must work for them.

·   64% of Empowered Students believe they are responsible for their own success in school.

·   52% of Empowered Students understand that mistakes are part of learning and growth.

This impact is made possible by Empowered Teachers who leverage foundational principles ― classic ideas that apply to every aspect of life ― in classrooms that function as real-world markets ― where ideas, knowledge, goods, and services are exchanged ― to spark the growth mindset.

We can only continue to meet the growing demand with financial support from donors, like you, who believe in the potential of every teacher and student. With your help, more change-making teachers can enjoy access to:

·   ACTIVITIES – 100s of experience-based classroom lessons with funding and materials to bring them to life.

·   KNOWLEDGE – Resources and training to help overcome barriers and embrace a contribution perspective.

·   SUPPORT – Staff and hundreds of like-minded educators committed to changing education from the bottom-up.

Your support will help Empowered Teachers transform education from the bottom-up instead of waiting on Washington, DC, and our State Capitals to “fix” the outdated, one-size-fits-all model that plagues K-12 education in America today.

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