Building Together: Phase 1 Capital Campaign

We are growing, and we need your help!

SHA has passionately and successfully brought hope and restoration to the lives of teens in crisis since 2001.  In 2021 we embarked on an important milestone for our industry- 20 years of serving teens and their families!

After 20 years of serving, SHA faces multiple challenges that can be resolved by developing a new campus. With an ever-present disruption due to the four-lane highway that divided our campus, the recent outgrowth of our original campus, and an insufficient IT infrastructure, SHA will focus its resources to execute a 5 year, two-phase campaign to address its challenges.

The most efficient use of our resources at this point is building a new dining hall. The new dining hall will improve our resident’s therapeutic experience by giving them the space they need to enjoy their daily meals while removing them from the distractions of a four-lane highway. This building will also provide our team with space they need to succeed in day-to-day operations logistics. Phase 1 is an important step in developing a new campus as it is the first structure. The first structure built on our new campus will begin setting a campus standard, which all structures and properties will adhere to in the future.

We appreciate your prayers and partnership as we embark on this journey of faith.

Your partnership helps provide healing to teens in crisis. 

To mail a gift, mark your check for SHA's New Campus and mail to:

Attn: Capital Campaign Fund

2200 Price Road

Martin, GA 30557

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