Word and Spirit: The Beauty of Balance

All Word, no Spirit – you dry up.
All Spirit, no Word – you blow up.
Both Word and Spirit – you grow up!

Contains 4 audio messages on CD.

Ever wondered why the tightrope walker holds a long pole extending to the left and to the right? It’s a principle of physics (the same reason you throw your arms out to the side if you think you’re falling).

The more balanced you are, the higher you can go.

If you’ve ever thought that being filled with the Holy Spirit meant shutting off your mind, you’re in for a wonderful surprise. God’s Word and God’s Spirit were never meant to be severed. Discover the secret to all Christian growth – be filled with both Word and Spirit!

Message 1  The Beauty of Balance

Message 2  Word and Spirit

Message 3  Gifts and Fruit

Message 4  Spirit and Intellect


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