Featured: Out of the Ruins

Featured: Out of the Ruins

This series includes 8 messages on CD.

Let God rebuild your life!

When you’ve lost something precious, when a treasure has been broken, when a valuable has been stolen, what does God’s heart say?  “This is what the Lord says, ‘I will restore.’” (Jer. 29)  God, like any good father, loves to replenish, to repair, and to restore. 

Join Pastor Wright for a powerful, tender portrait of God’s heart to restore what you’ve lost.  In ancient times, cities would often be rebuilt on top of the ruins of the former city.  The new city would stand higher, with safer walls and greater perspective.  It is not God’s intention for you to be forever exiled.  It is God’s heart to rebuild something better from the ruins of the past. 

These eight messages include messages about God’s compassion and commitment to restore joy, authority, calling, peace and righteousness in your life. 

Message 1: God’s Compassion to Restore

Message 2: God’s Commitment to Restore

Message 3: Restoration from the Ruins

Message 4: The Restoration of Joy

Message 5: The Restoration of Your Place in the Palace

Message 6: The Restoration of Calling

Message 7: The Restoration of Peace

Message 8: The Restoration of Righteousness


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