Good News for Parents DVD and Study Guide

Raising Grace-Filled Kids in a Pressure-Filled World

“I don’t want to pressure my kids and I sure don’t want to shame them, but I do want them try hard and be all they can be.” (every well-meaning parent)

If you want your children to be their best without hounding, threatening or pressuring them, there’s good news. God’s grace works in parenting. Shame and pressure offer only fleeting motivation while creating long-term toxic anxiety in a child’s heart.  But children thrive in the environment of grace!

You can have a low-pressure,

high expectation home…by God’s grace

You can learn how to motivate your kids the way God motivates His children.

In eight video sessions, pastor, author, and radio teacher Alan Wright and his wife Anne blend humor, deep Gospel insights and loads of practical advice to equip parents to raise their children in homes filled with grace and blessing. Alan and Anne share transparently from their own parenting experience how they’ve proved that grace works and shame doesn’t.

Use the videos and accompanying study guide for individual growth, with your spouse, or with your small group.

  • Receive Gospel revelation to fill your parenting with grace
  • Explore five practical goals from God’s Word to build a grace-based home
  • Discover discipline techniques that correct wrong behavior while building your child’s self-worth
  • Be empowered to bless your child into a positive future

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