Free Yourself, Be Yourself book & CD Gift Bundle

Do you ever feel like the pressure’s always on? Do you find it hard to say “no,” worried that you’ll disappoint someone? Do you have a hard time letting go of past regrets?

If so, your feelings aren’t new. They are as old as the Garden of Eden. The Bible tells us only one thing about Adam and Eve’s relationship in paradise– they were naked and felt no shame. But ever since sin entered the world, we’ve been ashamed and afraid. 

Shame is a poison in the soul that can turn you into a perfectionist or an outright rebel. There is only one solution – the grace of God.

You won’t find this special book and CD gift bundle anywhere else. It includes Alan Wright’s highly acclaimed book, Free Yourself, Be Yourself - a book that has helped thousands of people be set free from the toxic effects of shame AND an audio CD with the first two sermons Pastor Wright ever preached on the subject: “Shame Off You” and “The Difference Between Shame and Conviction.” These messages have been used by the Lord for nearly two decades to changes lives.


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Free Yourself, Be Yourself book & CD Gift Bundle

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