Son of David: Shepherd. Hero. King.

Son of David: Shepherd. Hero. King.

Contains 12 audio messages on CD.

Got some giants to slay? Need some encouragement in the midst of a trial? Wondering if God is really with you?
Meet David, the simple shepherd, the daring hero, the stately king. The stories of David will nourish and inspire you, but the study of Israel’s most beloved leader will lead you to a revelation of a much greater shepherd-hero-king. To walk with King David is to walk with King Jesus, the Son of David.
Jesus was the true David. A shepherd of souls. A hero for the oppressed. A king over an eternal empire.
You’ll never slay your giants, endure your trials or reign in life by trying harder to be like David. Instead, it is the revelation of Jesus as your shepherd, hero and king that will fill your heart with courage and joy. See the Messiah foreshadowed in the life of David and be transformed by the grace of God.

Message 1: Son of David: Shepherd, Hero, King
Message 2: The Difference Between Being in the House of God and Being the House of God
Message 3: The Forgotten Son Who Became King of All
Message 4: The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall
Message 5: A Tale of Two Kings
Message 6: Friends
Message 7: You’re a Priest! So Go Ahead, Eat the Holy Bread
Message 8: Overtime
Message 9: The Secret to Powerful Prayer
Message 10: The Death of Uzzah and the Dance of David
Message 11: Oh Absalom!: Discovering the Father’s Heart
Message 12: Why We Clap in Church


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