Daniel: A Favored Foreigner

Daniel: A Favored Foreigner

In a world turned upside down by global pandemic, what are Christians to do?

 Should we withdraw and disentangle ourselves from the world and its dangers or should we be more engaged than ever in trying to transform the culture?

 In a polarized society bombarded with conflicting opinions, Christians are left wondering how to live in a world that sometimes feels unrecognizable.

 It’s not a new dilemma. It’s what Daniel faced six centuries before Christ when the brilliant, young Jewish man found himself in the courts of Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon. If you want to learn how to be a Christian in a confused culture, join Pastor Alan Wright for a nourishing journey though the life and times of Daniel and his three friends. At times, Daniel flowed with favor in the Babylonian court and, at other times, he withdrew and stood his ground against culture. And, through it all, though a stranger in a foreign land, God’s hand was upon Daniel—and His hand is upon you!



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