Ever feel like something’s holding you back, as if you lack an important key that could change everything? Is there someone you love who seems stuck? You’d like to help them, but how? What’s missing might be the timeless power of blessing.

Blessing. We all need a positive, faith-filled vision spoken over our lives. Without it, we’ll never rise to our God-given potential. With it, we can let go of the past and move forward confidently in the favor of God.

If you’d like to replace every curse with blessing in your life and if you’d like to learn how to speak life and empower the people you love, contact us today to get Pastor Alan Wright’s new book, The Power to Bless.

We have a very special offer this month-- when you make your gift to Alan Wright Ministries, we’ll send you a hardcover copy of my best-selling book, The Power to Bless and as an added expression of our gratitude for your generous gift, we’ll give you access to two helpful resources, The Power to Bless Video Course and the Speak Life Master Class! These two courses include hours of helpful video teachings with Pastor Alan, digital study guides, and so much more. These are perfect for personal study or groups!

Your gifts, and only your gifts, make this ministry possible, so please partner with us to help us reach thousands of people every day with the Gospel of the grace of Jesus Christ. And, when you do, you’ll become empowered to change the world God’s way – by the power of blessing.

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