Do You Need Hope?

Do You Need Hope?

While in search of life's answers, one thing is for sure, trying to live a life of purpose without God, is just like Chasing the Wind.

In this 4-part series, Pastor West reintroduces a man who has no contemporaries and is called the wised person to ever walk the earth, Solomon. In his writing of Ecclesiastes, Solomon uses his wisdom to illuminate the multifaceted dimensions of life, and of God’s absolute control and power over it. God never wastes your experiences, He allows you to mature in them. This maturity is always to strengthen you in your knowledge of Him; and that knowledge, leads you into a life that is meaningful and full of purpose.

Allow these teachings to HOPE you in this season, and request a copy today!! YOU will be empowered and restored as you journey through this series of guided wisdom.   


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