This has been the theme over these past several months, as life has become a master pitcher.  We’ve gone from fastballs, splitters, sliders, sinkers, change-ups, and curveballs in a matter of days. When those unforeseen moments come your way, remember, God has the master playbook, and He will meet you wherever you are on the field, to make sure that you, His child, make it safely to home base.

In Pas’ series, "Sermon On The Mound,” you will learn what the Bible says about being caught off guard and how to respond when life is trying to strike you out! The God of the Bible, is the God of today, and regardless of the inning you find yourself running, catching or sliding in, He has given you sustainability!

Encourage yourself and a friend with this sermon series! Donate now, and continue to be a conduit that helps the Word of God bless people around the world!


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