Jesus Keeps His Promise

Jesus Keeps His Promise

Have you faced mysteries that you could not penetrate or ran into locked doors for which there seem to be no keys? Despite our best efforts, we sometimes can discern no clear path forward, learn that our attempts only create more complex problems, and find ourselves struggling in areas of faith where we once seemed confident. 

In Pastor West's book Left Alone, he shares fresh insights and clear explanations of scriptural passages. He helps us take baby steps that reveal new paths out of the mists of discouragement and doubt. Join him on a journey through difficult periods in the lives of Abraham, Elijah, and other Biblical heroes. Learn how they gained renewed vision. Discover the same encouraging vistas, life-giving perspectives, and Spirit-led principles that strengthened them.

Thank you for continuously helping, leading, encouraging, and empowering others through God’s Word! Left Alone is Pas’ way to thank you for your generous gift of helping broadcast the truth of the Gospel to the world.

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