Thank you for sharing the Word of God!

Thank you for sharing the Word of God!

This enlightening sermon series by Dr. Ralph Douglas West helps us to know the heart and mind of God. God wants us to have an intimate relationship with Him through the communication of prayer which is vital to our spiritual growth and development.

We would love to send this perspicacious sermon series, The Six Prayers Jesus Prayed, CD collection as a special thank you for your support. You will hear great sermons such as:

  • •    Jesus prays with us
  • •    Jesus prays about us
  • •    Jesus prays beyond us
  • •    Jesus prays for us
  • •    Jesus prays without us
  • •    Jesus prays above us

Reserve your copy of The Six Prayers Jesus Prayed when you give below to lead more souls to Christ and to help others flourish in their faith. 

Thank You so much for your generosity and support empowering more people to live and thrive in Christ.

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