Help more women like Rosa embrace motherhood!

“Rosa’s” daughter “Anna” is now 18 months old… walking, laughing, and talking in that adorable baby babble that only a mom can understand.

Rosa adores her daughter – but she didn’t always feel that way. Before Rosa met with a client advocate, she didn’t even know if she wanted to be a mother.

Rosa shares...

“I’m grateful I went to Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, because I probably would have decided not to parent. Now I would say to someone who’s facing an unplanned pregnancy, ‘You’re not alone. When the baby comes, you’ll realize how strong you are and what your purpose is.’”

Friends like you helped Rosa choose life for Anna, and for herself, by helping center God’s love on her. Your gift below will do the same for others like her.

So please give generously today to help more pregnant women embrace motherhood – including the hard choices it brings – so their children can live out the days God has for them.

Thank you!

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