It’s what you can’t see that can hurt you.

Live victoriously in the unshakable power of God. 

The temptation that regularly assaults you... the depression or illness that pulls you down... the discord in your relationships... the private doubts you harbor about God… 

These are not just a natural part of life–they’re battles in a behind-the-scenes war against your faith, family, and future. From a balanced perspective, Dr. Robert Jeffress lifts the curtain of everyday existence to reveal these invisible but very real battles in the war Satan wages against followers of Christ like you. The Divine Defense outlines six practical strategies you can use through every day to defeat Satan’s vicious and destructive plan: 

  • Recognize and replace destructive thoughts (the belt of truth) 
  • Do what you know you should do (the breastplate of righteousness) 
  • Make God’s business your business (boots of the gospel of peace) 
  • Move forward in spite of doubts (the shield of faith) 
  • Remember your power to win (the helmet of salvation) 
  • Strengthen your resolve to resist (the sword of the spirit)
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Pathway to Victory
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