With our thanks for your very generous gift of $125 ...

With our thanks for your very generous gift of $125 ...

I will send you the COMPLETE Grace-Powered Living series on chapters 1-8 and 9-16 from the book of Romans. I have never offered the complete series set before. This is the pure gospel of Jesus Christ, through and through. Relevant. Timely. Convicting. Equipping. You will be spiritually fed. 

  • We will explore the subject of sin — and how to claim your victory over it.
  • We’ll look at what the Bible says about salvation — how to know if you are spiritually alive. 
  • We’ll explore suffering: including practical, applicable principles and three reasons Christians suffer more than unbelievers.
  • And we’ll look at God’s wonderful grace ... how He rescues you from indictment. I guarantee this: you will grow in your faith. 

Along with the COMPLETE Grace-Powered Living teaching set, I will include The Journeys of Paul Map and the brand-new book, An Illustrated Guide to the Apostle Paul: His Life, Ministry, and Missionary Journeys, are my gifts to you today to thank you for your support of Pathway to Victory!

You’ll not only follow the paths and missional journeys of the apostle Paul in the full color, beautifully illustrated Journeys of Paul Map, but in the pages of the accompanying book, written by Alan Bandy, you’ll read Paul’s compelling story. I know you will enjoy this book as much as I did.

Your generous support is deeply appreciated right now as we continue to impact you and your family — and a nation in increasingly deep spiritual need — in 2022 with the transforming truths of God’s Word. Thank you again for your faithfulness. 

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