With our thanks for your gift of $75 or more ...

With our thanks for your gift of $75 or more ...
  • Courageous Living in a Pagan World series on DVD video and MP3-format audio disc
  • The Pathway to Victory limited edition of Daniel: The John Walvoord Prophecy Commentary
  • The ministry-exclusive resource, The Most Amazing Prophecy in the Bible: Daniel’s 70 Weeks, and
  • The Courageous Living in a Pagan World sermon notes companion guide

The John Walvoord Prophecy Commentary is one of the most excellent commentaries I have ever personally read. This book is in my personal study library, and it is the resource I turn to time and again for insight into the book of Daniel. This thorough and well outlined book captures the heartbeat of a young prophet who spoke boldly for God. It is essential reading for anyone studying prophecy and is so relevant to the issues of our day. To further your study, I’ll also include the ministry-exclusive resource, The Most Amazing Prophecy in the Bible: Daniel’s 70 Weeks.

The book of Daniel is key to the entire Old Testament prophetic revelation. As you read, you will understand Daniel’s amazing stories, prophecies, and dreams — and discover a brighter hope for things to come.

In my extensive study of the Bible, I’ve concluded that the book of Daniel isn’t just a wonderful guidebook for courageous living ... but it is a powerful testimony to the sovereignty of God over human events. Kings and kingdoms come and go, Daniel reminds us, but God has a plan that He is fulfilling in human history. 

The book of Daniel, like Revelation, tells us that all of human history is moving toward a great climactic conclusion — the return of Jesus Christ. And it shows us — through the life and faith of Daniel — how we ought to live in light of the soon coming of the Lord. 

At this day and time ... as we live out our faith in an increasingly hostile culture fraught with challenges ... I can’t think of a better study than this one to fill you with courage — inspire you to be steadfast — and empower you to live as a light in this present darkness. I urge you to request these resources today.

I urge you to be especially generous as the Lord continues to grow our broadcast ministry. As you stand with me, we can reach more people than ever before ... proclaiming bold truth, and impacting America, you and your family, and individual lives with the hope of the world, Jesus Christ! It’s what you did for a partner named Israel, from Texas. He shares, 

“I have seen how God has blessed me through Pathway to Victory. I listen on the radio each weekday and every Sunday before I go to church to receive the solid teaching of God’s Word. You have encouraged me to keep going forward regardless of what this culture thinks and believes about being a Christian. In response to your teaching, I have chosen to learn more about how to live for Christ effectively in this world ... in a society and culture that calls what Christians believe to be good ‘wrong’ — and what Christians believe to be ‘wrong’ good. That is why I partnered with Pathway to Victory at the start of the year. I want to help others like myself to be as encouraged as I am by your teaching — and to be salt and light to this world that is fading and falling further away from God. Thank you for your ministry.”

The incredible divisions and concerns of our day have stirred a search for truth and a hunger for hope like I’ve never seen before. Now is our moment to courageously shine the light of God’s Word into the darkness. 

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