Show the love of Jesus
to 100,000 prisoners this year

You know that prisoners live in dark places. Not just physically dark, but spiritually dark, as well. Scripture mentions prisons and prisoners over and over again, and there is a clear call to remember those in prison, to share the love of Jesus with them -- in fact, Jesus himself was once a prisoner!  

This year, generous people from all over the country  have helped introduce more than 75,000 prisoners to Jesus through The Prisoner’s Journey, an 8-week bible study that introduces men and women who feel they have no hope to the eternal hope of Christ. 

It changes their life here on earth, and changes their eternity, too. 

That’s why we’ve set a goal to tell 100,000 prisoners across the world about Jesus through this study. As more prisoners meet Jesus in The Prisoner’s Journey, prison officials  are inviting PFI into prisons because they are seeing the Holy Spirit move. 

This goal is not about a big number—every single prisoner matters to God. It’s about glorifying God in the darkest places possible. We’ve seen, time and again, His light shines brightest in those forgotten places. 

We pray today that you will “Remember those in Prison” and take a step to give a gift that will change the eternity of a brother and sister in prison. 

It’s been a challenging year for so many, but the isolation in prisons and the despair we’re seeing is immense. You can be the difference in a life, today. 

Will you give a generous gift to give a prisoner the chance to meet Jesus?

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