Give help and hope through an Emergency Care Pack

Give help and hope through an Emergency Care Pack

Christians in the Nuba mountains of Sudan are struggling to handle a surge of returnees fleeing collapsing economic and security conditions in other parts of their country.
Through a donation of $100 or more today, you can provide an Emergency Care Pack for our Nuba Christian brothers and sisters that contains:

  • 9 emergency meals for a family of 7
  • 1 heavy-duty tarp for shelter
  • 1 printed or audio Bible for divine hope and encouragement

When you give, you'll fill empty bellies. You'll provide many nights of peaceful sleep. And you'll give the life-giving promises of God's Word to those being persecuted in His name.

Thank you for your donation below. Whether it’s $100 or $1,000 God will use it to provide help and hope to our suffering family in Sudan.

We pray God blesses you for putting your compassion to work.

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