New Recovery Housing and Connection Center

Pathway Expansion Project - Transforming Lives and Communities

On behalf of our  current  residents – made up of 94 Hoosiers battling addition and mental illness – we want to share our vision and ask for your help to save more lives. 

In the link below, you will find in-depth information outlining  Pathway's plans  to expand to build  “Pathway 7”, our fourth apartment community and seventh program overall. This would be our first new construction project to expand and create affordable permanent sober housing for 21 households in Mapleton-Fall Creek.  The project will mirror our other programs in size and scope and increase our capacity from 94 to 115 (41 transitional and 74 permanent).  It will also include a Connection Center with nearly 2,000 square feet of gathering space for residents of all Pathway programs, community partners and visitors to provide resources and support necessary for long term substance-free recovery. 

Over the years, Pathway has served nearly 2,000 homeless Hoosiers battling addiction and mental illness and managed over $9M dollars in public, private, federal, and local grants with 100% compliance. For this project, Pathway can raise $750,000 and possibly finance $250,000, however this will exhaust our fundraising ability, leaving over 2 million to be raised.  It is our hope that YOU will invest in the lives we can save with this expansion.  With more help, we can help more.


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    Housing and support play critical role in the recovery process.  According to the US Council on Homelessness, "Stable housing is the foundation upon which people build their live -  absent a safe decent affordable place to live, it is next to impossible to achieve good health, positive education outcomes or reach one's economic potential.  Pathway has an impeccable reputation, balancing compassion and passion with accountability and financial stewardship.  We have a history of growing during the most challenging times, as we work hard, practice humility and take care of our people and our programs.  We make our community a better place and decreases public healthcare and public safety costs from addiction and mental health barriers. Pathway is an abstinence-based program, but we know  relapse can be inevitable.  We believe mental health is imperative to recovery.  We do not subscribe to models with a hands-off approach or those depriving clients of accountability or purpose.  Pathway teaches residents not only to  help themselves, but to help the next person as well.  Help us to help more.

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    Thank you for caring. YOU Matter to Pathway.