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Pathway helps people who nearly died from addiction, to become substance-free, stable, financially independent and permanently housed.   Indianapolis has dozens of recovery programs to give us a way to rebuild our lives, but Pathway is different:

First, we don't require money to get in the door. We don't push you toward employment until you have been stable for a couple of months.  In fact, we don’t want you to get a job, until you can keep a job.  

Second, Pathway connects you to mental health resources to address underlying issues that contribute to relapse. We believe mental health and recovery must be treated together,  or one will trigger a relapse in the other.  

Third, we need our residents as much as they need us.  We need them to become productive members of society to be there for the next person coming through the door, to give the new guy the same hope someone gave them.

Pathway is also cost effective — All of Pathway’s programs, except the entry level program, are supported by resident rents paid once they are employed. Pathway is the only program in Indianapolis — that provides 3-Levels of income-based, recovery housing.  

We have three levels of substance free community living beginning with entry Level, moving to semi-independent living and ending with permanent housing.  This gives us the ability to put you in the program that matches your specific needs. Pathway houses graduates of ALL Indianapolis recovery programs.  Our apartments are filled with residents who had no nowhere to go after graduating from other programs. Credit, legal histories and income limits often prevent residents from renting market rate apartments.  

Pathway's apartments were created specifically for individuals in recovery to stay as long as they need; not to avoid temptation, but because WE VALUE RECOVERY. We carry out our mission, with 5 staff members and dozens of program graduates serving as volunteers. There is no other agency doing so much with so little.

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