Our Impact - Your Change

Our Impact - Your Change

Make an Impact with your Change - The power of monthly giving

Pathway is the only program in Indianapolis with a complete housing portfolio for people in recovery; beginning with entry level, advancing to semi-independent, and culminating with long-term permanent. All of Pathway's programs are safe and secure, drug and alcohol-free, and income based, making them affordable to everyone.  Residents of our permanent housing programs originate not only from Pathway's entry level programs, but they also arrive from recovery programs all over central Indiana.  Pathway is the only program in Indiana providing affordable permanent housing for people in recovery. 

Studies show that residents of peer-run recovery housing have significantly better outcomes, including: decreased substance use, decreased rates of incarceration, and increased income, compared to individuals who return to their communities of origin after treatment. 

A monthly gift gives stable support and save lives. You can create a reoccurring or one time contribution to build a life worth living.  

"Intent reveals desire... ACTION reveals commitment"

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      "Intent reveals desire... ACTION reveals commitment"

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