Barthimee Hospital needs your help

Barthimee  Hospital in Senegal is in great need of medical supplies to help Senegalese families counteract preventable life-altering diseases. A container of donated medical supplies is ready to be shipped to them, but we need funds for shipping costs.

Imagine having a bacterial infection, rash, or a headache that could be cured with a simple ointment, antibiotic, or aspirin! But you aren’t able to get any medicine. This is the situation in Senegal.

Currently, over $8 million worth of medicine sits in a 40-ft shipping container waiting to be shipped to Senegal. The total cost of shipping is $72,500. Our goal is to raise half of the total cost, $36,250, by October 15th!

For each dollar you give, $111 worth of medicine will be shipped!

Barthimee Hospital needs this medicine to continue to help people and share the life-changing news of the Gospel.

Will you help us raise the cost of the shipping for Barthimee Hospital so they can continue to share the Gospel with countless Senegalese families?


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