Free Book as Gift with Donation of Any Amount

Free Book as Gift with Donation of Any Amount

Beyond the Golden Door

Ali Master May 14th 2019

Morgan James Publishing

"I picked up this book with no intention of reading it.  I read a page in the middle of the book. Read that chapter. Started from the beginning and read all the way through the book with hardly a break. It is so encouraging to know God is at work no matter how dark it seems. I am thrilled to offer this book as our gift to you for your encouragement with a donation of any amount.  We thank you for sending God's love and truth around the world with Parent Compass and feeding starving children globally."  Natalie Jones Founder & President Parent Compass

Ali Master and his family were guest hosts in Parent Compass episodes by the same name as his book, Beyond the Golden Door. The book is the compelling, sometimes tense, and often humorous story of how a Pakistani Muslim finds freedom, love, and a new faith while challenging readers to appreciate the liberties found in America and to consider their own spiritual journey. It's easy to talk about freedom. But unless someone has lived in a world that suffocates freedom, it's difficult to appreciate the liberty found in America. Beyond the Golden Door is the engaging true story of Ali Master, a Pakistani Muslim who immigrates to the United States to attend college and discovers five transformational freedoms along the way: the freedom to fail and start over, to love, to choose one's faith, to be an entrepreneur, and to self-govern.These American freedoms are shown in stark contrast to the life Ali lived in a developing Muslim country and he asks the question: what are the roots of these precious American freedoms? Ultimately, readers discover that this tale is about God, the true source of liberty, and how He works in people's lives to bring about unexpected and undeserved redemption.Beyond the Golden Door encourages Americans to consider how they can preserve their precious freedoms and contribute to their country's legacy, as well as the deeper challenge of considering their own life journey. A call to value and preserve American freedoms, Beyond the Golden Door extends an invitation for readers to consider ultimate freedom in Jesus Christ.

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