Double Your Impact, Today!

Double Your Impact, Today!

Every summer at Open Door Mission, we face a great challenge. Donations dwindle and the need for services go up. This year, with the rising cost of food, gasoline, and housing expenses, it’s brutal for those living in poverty and experiencing homelessness.

But we’re excited to share an opportunity for you to be part of the solution! Thanks to the generosity of our Leadership Challenge friends, your gift will be matched, up to $132,742, meaning you can Double Your Impact. This generous group has challenged us to match their donation this month. 

I can’t fully express what an incredible blessing this will be as we head into the summer season. In order to reach our goal, we urgently need your help. Please donate the amount you’d like to be matched today! 

Thank you again for your generous and quick response. Matching this generous gift is especially crucial this month, since so many men, women, and children have been experiencing tough times. The needs have never been so great. But if friends like you will help us meet our match, we’ll be able to continue to make a difference by providing a Summer of Hope.


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        If gifts exceed expenses, extra funds will be used to provide quality care for individuals and families in our various ministry programs throughout the year.

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