Please Help Those in Need This Christmas

Please Help Those in Need This Christmas

Just think of it … Christmas dinner with baked ham, cranberries, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh vegetables and a nice, green salad, along with rolls and butter. Follow that with pie and coffee, and you have a meal you’d expect to pay $12 or more for in a local restaurant.

But you can provide it all for $2.15 at Open Door Mission. 

You will make someone happy who would otherwise go hungry this Christmas or have to make do with cereal or a white bread sandwich.

I see it time and again … a lonely soul trapped in hopelessness or addiction comes to us for a meal. They are welcomed and accepted. They enjoy a good meal and decide to stay for a while. 

They enjoy the singing and the Christmas message, and Christmas starts to really mean something. The darkness clears, and they think about family, friends and home. They see that Jesus loves them and life could finally be good for them. 

A good Christmas dinner can make a real difference to someone with little to call their own. And for $2.15 each meal, just think of all the hungry and homeless people you can help this Christmas. 


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