ODW + Camp for Peace Liberia

ODW + Camp for Peace Liberia

One Day’s Wages is partnering with Camp for Peace Liberia to equip rural women with skills and capital to launch small businesses.

Why Liberia?

Founded in 1822 by recently emancipated African Americans, Liberia is one of only two African states never colonized by a European power. The country experienced a century of relative political stability and economic growth after achieving independence in 1847. However, significant disparities in power and wealth between the America-Liberian minority and indigenous peoples led to a series of devastating civil wars, notorious for forced use of child soldiers, rape, and opiates, between 1989 and 2003. In just two decades, 250,000 people were killed and 500,000 people were displaced. 

ODW + Camp for Peace

One Day’s Wages is partnering with Camp for Peace to improve income generating opportunities for women experiencing vulnerabilities such as single mothers, women who’ve dropped out of school, and survivors of gender-based violence. In this program, women will participate in skills training (sewing, tailoring, or weaving), and learn about business management, marketing, and how to access credit. Free, on-site childcare will be provided for program participants. After completing the skills training program, all participants will receive start-up equipment to start their own small business, as well as ongoing technical support throughout the first year of operation. 

Join Us

Join us in uplifting rural women !  100% of your donation (minus credit card processing fees) goes to the Camp for Peace Liberia project. Your donation will be matched DOUBLE by One Day's Wages!  Camp for Peace Liberia needs to raise $8,000 to release ODW’s contribution of $16,000, for a total granting goal of $24,000.

If you prefer to make your donation by check (and avoid credit card processing fees), please make your check payable to One Day's Wages, write "Camp for Peace Liberia" in the memo line, and mail it to One Day's Wages, P.O. Box 17575 Seattle, WA 98127.


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