ODW + AusCam

ODW + AusCam

One Day’s Wages is partnering with AusCam to prevent online sexual exploitation among young people in Cambodia and to support survivors.

Why Cambodia?

The most pervasive form of exploitation of children and young people in Cambodia is online child sexual exploitation, which was amplified by the pandemic as offenders, traffickers, and children all spent more time online. Predators target adolescent girls during a fragile developmental phase in order to emotionally entice and entrap them by accessing their information, obtaining photos, and developing relationships with the intent to exploit them either online or in person. Building awareness of and adequate responses to online sexual exploitation is critical to stopping trafficking and sexual exploitation before it starts.

ODW + AusCam

One Day’s Wages is partnering with AusCam Freedom Project to stop online child sexual exploitation in Cambodia before it starts by building awareness through digital and school-based outreach campaigns, a dedicated web page for girls who are a part of a sisterhood of change agents, a chatbot and a 24 hour hotline.  In addition, our partnership offers wrap-around case management support for girls who are high risk or survivors of online sexual exploitation.  These clients are supported based on their unique needs with counseling, housing, health support and/or food relief packages.  Through our partnership over 2,000 girls will experience support and protection from sexual exploitation.

Join Us

Join us in protecting children from exploitation!  100% of your donation (minus credit card processing fees) goes to the AusCam project. Your donation will be matched TWO TIMES by One Day's Wages!  AusCam needs to raise $8,326 to release ODW's $16,651 contribution, for a total granting goal of $24,977.


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