ODW + Survivor's Network

ODW + Survivor's Network

One Day’s Wages is partnering with Survivor's Network Cameroon to prevent human trafficking and empower women survivors in Batouri.

Why Cameroon?

As a result of armed conflict between the government and minority groups, Cameroon has an estimated one million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and half a million refugees and asylum-seekers. The conflict has led to increased instances of IDPs being trafficked for forced labor and domestic servitude. IDPs and refugees are particularly vulnerable to trafficking due to economic instability and limited access to formal justice. A study conducted by Survivors’ Network Cameroon revealed that in Batouri, a city in Cameroon’s Eastern Region, women and girls are most vulnerable to trafficking when they are uneducated, unskilled, and/or dropped out of school. Economic empowerment is essential for preventing at-risk women and girls from being trafficked in the first place.

ODW + Survivor's Network

One Day’s Wages is partnering with Survivor's Network Cameroon - a women and survivor-led nonprofit - to reduce the vulnerability of women and girls to human trafficking through financial empowerment. This project will come alongside 50 women and girls in Batouri who are at risk of or survivors of trafficking, domestic servitude and/or gender-based violence. Participants will learn what trafficking is, how to prevent it, and where to seek help.  They will also participate in a training on financial literacy and business fundamentals with the goal of starting their own snack stall businesses for income generation. After completing the training, each woman will receive a start-up kit containing the essential equipment and ingredients needed to start her own micro-business!

Join Us

Join us in supporting women's empowerment and trafficking prevention!  100% of your donation (minus credit card processing fees) goes to the Survivor's Network project. Your donation will be matched THREE TIMES by One Day's Wages!  Survivor's Network's goal is to raise $3,662 which when matched by ODW will result in a $14,649 grant.

For donors based in the U.S., if you prefer to make your donation by check (and avoid credit card processing fees), please make your check payable to One Day's Wages, write "Survivor's Network" in the memo line, and mail it to One Day's Wages, P.O. Box 17575 Seattle, WA 98127.


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