Check how well your heart is connected to God’s

Maybe you aren’t interested in being a mighty king, but all believers are called to examine themselves regularly.

This isn’t a quick check in the mirror or assessing how often you attend church, volunteer, or even read your Bible. We all need to go deeper than that.

We’d love to send you David Chadwick’s CD series, King David: A Man After God’s Own Heart, to help you look deeper, like God does, at the internal desires, motives, and unseen attributes of your heart.

As you see what took David from a simple shepherd boy to a mighty king, you can discover how to become a person of greater courage, humility, loyalty, authority, worship, and leadership.

You’ll also get a new perspective on how even your failures can be used by God!

It’s our thanks for your gift today – so request your copy as you give to share an encouraging voice of reason through Moments of Hope.

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