God’s plan for your holiness doesn’t depend on you

Have you ever decided to try harder to be holy, only to experience defeat that makes you feel like a disaster?

  • Walking out of church determined to be a better Christian only to snap at your spouse.
  • Hearing a voice in your head say, “You always blow it, so why even try.”
  • Wondering if you’re cut out to be a Christian because you can’t follow all the rules.

This is a dilemma God understands and uses to bring believers into greater fellowship with Him!

How God’s laws and our efforts toward holiness carve out a deep and joyful reliance on Him is the topic of David Chadwick’s CD message series, How to Be Holy & Other Ways To Fail When We Try.

This series explores God’s partnership and promises on the path to holiness, and its our way of saying thanks for sending a gift below.

Your gift help shares God’s perspective-changing truths through Moments of Hope, giving the discouraged, depressed, and distraught a reason to stop doing life alone and start experience hope through Jesus.

So thank you!


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