Let God transform your work life!

Let God transform your work life!

On average, you’ll spend up to 40% of your adult life at work. The world says that work makes you who you are, that it deserves all your attention, and that it’s about climbing the ladder.

But God’s perspective is much different – and it promises to transform your work life.

Find out how you can gain a fresh perspective on what work was meant to be with David Chadwick’s four-part audio series On the Job. You’ll discover:

  • How your identity in Christ empowers you at work
  • How you can turn work into a Christ-centered mission
  • How you can practice your faith at work
  • How you can find that ever-elusive work-life balance

The On the Job series is our thanks for your gift below to help share the truth of God’s Word with more people – so please give now to request your digital download.

Thank you for sharing with the world how Jesus is our ultimate reason for hope!


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