Happily (N)ever After?

Happily (N)ever After?

How to Take Your Family From Drama-filled to Spirit-filled in 21 Days 

Is time with your family a lot less like a Hallmark movie and a whole lot more like a horror movie? Navigating the holidays can sometimes feel like taking a nosedive into a bunch of cactuses. 

How did I know? Recent sermon clips we posted on social media talking about family systems had over 60 MILLION views, and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon! Why? Because people need help navigating family dynamics.

We’re here to help!

Pre-order the latest resource from Pastor Mark Driscoll: Leave & Cleave: A 21-Day Workbook and discover how to transform your family dynamics and experience the healthy, God-honoring family system you've always wanted.

Through this workbook, you will:

🌟 Dive into the power of family systems, explore real-life stories, biblical wisdom, and expert insights to understand how family systems work and why they matter. 

☣️ Learn the art of setting healthy boundaries, so your extended family doesn’t impose on your life and marriage. 

💪 Overcome common family challenges to help you and your spouse create your own family system without drama. 

❤️ Learn to love and extend grace to your extended family in a God-honoring, Spirit-filled manner. 

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